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It is claimed to be pursuing people, artist Chris Hata, arrested by the police


Artist Chris Hata returned to the police. This time, it's not about falsifying a wedding book with Hilda, but about allegedly persecuting a man named Anthony.

– Yes, it is, – said the head of the police commissioner for public relations in the army "Jaya" Argo Jouno AFP, Wednesday (24/7/2019).

Information received AFP Chris Hata was arrested around 7.00 am WIB. He is arrested while sleeping in a boarding house in the Setiabudi area, South Jakarta.

Still no longer known about Chris Hata's arrest. But sources say he was arrested for chasing a man.

"It's still under investigation," Argo said.

Chris Hata was once news because his marriage to Hilda Vitra was questionable. Chris Hatta reported to the police about alleged marriage falsification.

Later Chris Hatta was found guilty and convicted. Now he is free after being jailed for several months in Buffalo Capal LP, Becksey.

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