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Judging Rp.100 billion, Baim Wong mentioned Nasdam party, ask Astrid to give a full chat!


100 billion, Baim Wong mentioned Nassdam party, Ask Astrid to give a full chat

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – Bay Wong finally revealed his voice on the authorities' appeal to Astrid, the owner of QQ Production.

According to the appeal, Astrid, reportedly, Bay Wong will be sued for 100 billion euros.

In this regard, Baymong Wong finally wanted to open his voice.

Bay Wong also discovered his initial problems to be able to intervene in cases of alleged failures.

Watch the whole show:

Astrid suspected that Bayim Wong had broken the deal because he did not pay 50 million Rp when he ran for a political candidate in a political party.

Before planning to complain about Baymong Wong, Astrid claims to have sent the summons (warning) to the husband of Paul Werwhaven's model.

Astrid admitted that Baim Wong did not pay attention and responded to the letter.

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The case, filed in May 2019, was finally clarified by Baim Wong.

Report by YouTube Channel Baim Paula, Tuesday (23.07.2019) Baim Wong explained the news that he is a legislative candidate.

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