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Lifestyle Symptoms Causes These Are The 5 Facts Of High Brain Cancer Suffering From Hercules


AKURAT.CO, The sad news once again swept the entertainment world in the country. Pedangdut and big comedian Hercules died at the age of 51 Thursday (1/8) at Cancer Hospital in Dharmais, West Jakarta, at 4pm WIB. Agung Hercules is known to be battling stage 4 brain cancer this year.

Brain cancer is the growth of malignant tumors in the brain that can spread quickly to other parts of the body. Brain cancer can also affect anyone, children under 15, as well as adults and age.

Accumulated by AKURAT.CO from various sources on Thursday (1/8), following facts about brain cancer.

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1. Two types of brain cancer

Brain cancer has two main causes, namely primary brain cancer and secondary brain cancer. 75 percent of primary brain cancer occurs due to brain tumor or originating from the brain. Meanwhile, secondary brain cancer arises from other parts of the body that spread to the brain. Secondary brain cancer cases occurred in 25 percent of all brain cancer cases.

2. Causes

Based on the type of primary brain cancer described, arising from the presence of primary brain tumors, it arises from various types of brain tissue, such as crazy cells, astrocytes, and other types of brain cells.

Meanwhile, secondary or metastatic brain cancer is caused by the spread of cancer cells originating from other organs of the body. Changes in normal cells to cancer cells in both types are not fully understood.

In addition, brain cancer can be caused by the presence of risk factors including age, radiation exposure, and offspring. Radiation can also be caused by the working environment.

3. Symptoms

Symptoms of brain cancer can be felt by prolonged headaches, which can be felt in the morning, muscle weakness on one side of the body, paresthesia or body, such as stinging or numbness, difficult balance and difficulty coordinating body movement, difficulty walking and seizures . Other symptoms can be detected by the location of brain tumors.

Not only this, the symptoms of brain cancer can also be felt by changes in mental status, the presence of nausea and vomiting, the occurrence of anomalies in redness, difficulty in speaking, and changes in intellectual or emotional capacity that may occur gradually.

4. Treatment

Brain cancer can be treated with different treatments. Such as surgical removal of brain cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and radiation. Different treatments for brain cancer also cause side effects that will occur over time.

5. Type of stadium

The National Cancer Institute (NCI) evaluates the classification of malignant tumors using the stadium system as follows.

– Stage 1 shows that cancer tissue in the brain is still in a benign state, cells appear normal brain cells and cell growth is slow

– Stage 2 shows that the cancer tissue in the brain starts to become malignant, the cancer cells start to look normal

– Stage 3 shows that the cancer tissue in the brain was malignant and shows abnormal cells called anaplastic and begins to actively grow

– Stage 4 malignant brain cancer tissue has begun to show abnormal cells that are becoming clearer and growing aggressively

This is a series of facts about brain cancer.[]

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