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Lion Air Promise: Today ticket prices are reduced by 50%


JAKARTA, – Lion Air passengers should be happy because today, Wednesday (24/7/2019), the airline owned by Rusi Kinara promises to reduce ticket prices by 50 percent.

Discounts on Lion Air tickets are part of a low-cost flight policy low-cost carrier (LCC) defined by the government.

In line with the policy to be applied from July 11, 2019, Lion Air's tariff of up to 50% can only be realized today.

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Lion Air ticket discounts are not valid every day. Lion Air Group owner Rousi Kinara said the discount is only valid on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 10.00 am WIB to 14.00 WIB.

A 50% Lion Air price discount applies to only 146 flight routes. Lion Air has a discount of 30% of the total seat or 8,278 seats on that day.

Previously, Lion Air had problems implementing government policy.

Rudy said there are barriers to regulating the ticketing system.

"Everything is working from this Wednesday," Rusdy said.

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The reduction in ticket prices is a result of the limited coordination meeting at the Coordination Ministry for Economic Affairs.

According to the agreement, a cheap alliance low-cost carrier (LCC) will reduce ticket prices by up to 50% of the above tariff for 30% of the capacity of the aircraft.

It is assumed that the policy of reducing prices by 50% of the upper limit for low-cost flights will come into force on July 11, 2019.

But only Citilink has reduced the ticket price, while Lion Air has not done so.

Daily discounts

Transport Minister Budi Karia Sumadi said the airline wants to give more concessions.

This was announced by the Minister of Transport following the meeting of the airline ticket meeting held yesterday at the office of the coordinating Ministry of Economic Affairs.

"It is the airlines that want to give more concessions," he said in Jakarta on Tuesday (23 July 2019).

"So it's not three days (as a joint deal with the government), and seven days (a week)," he said.

These incentives are in the form of fiscal incentives or tax cuts, which are considered as one of the airline's burdens.

"We also offer rules, types of things, and that can not be solved yesterday. We (the government) need about a month," he said.

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