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Manet and Firmino win Liverpool at Southampton Headquarters


Jakarta – Liverpool won an almost anti-climatic match at Southampton Headquarters. Goals from Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino ensured that the Reds scored three points.

The duel of Southampton against Liverpool at St Mary's Stadium on Saturday (08/17/2019) night WIB is interesting and quite difficult. Liverpool seem promising after the start, but then slowly the host has trouble pressing it.

Liverpool closed the first half in superb position thanks to the brilliance of Sadio Manet. His measured strokes and kicks at the end of the first half ensured Liverpool had the upper hand.

The second half saw Liverpool start more convincingly. A series of good opportunities were created leading to Firmino's goal in the 71st minute. But then the control of the match was released from their hands towards the end of the match.

This is inseparable from Adrian's blunder that led to Danny Ings' goal. He reacted too long for which one, so his leg eventually led to Ings and was kicked in the door.

Ings almost leveled off not too long ago. But luckily for Liverpool, the former striker's long-range strike has expanded. 2-1 becomes the end result.

With that win, Liverpool temporarily lead the Premier League standings with six points from two games. The Merseyside boys are a difference over Arsenal, who have the same points. While Soton is at number 18 after two defeats in a row.


Course of the match

Liverpool spread threats in the third minute after James Miller hit. He was hit easily by Maya Yoshida and easily secured by Angus Gun.

Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain jumped to the right two minutes later, sending a cross that pointed to Sadio Manet. But James Ward-Proise came at the right moment and threw the ball.

Virgil van Dyck's reverse to Adrian was almost fatal in the 11th minute. Adrian, who was too slow to react to the ball, finally made his shot blocked by Ward-Prouse. Fortunately for him the ball does not bounce in the door.

Liverpool again created opportunities in the 13th minute. This time Chamberlain's shot was wide of the left after he continued with his back behind Salah.

A situation that was quite threatening from Sutton to Liverpool five minutes later. Maya Yoshida's shot went in the middle of the penalty area, but no teammate aimed the ball at the door while Adrian was stunned.

Almost Soton! From a corner kick in the 22nd minute, Ward-Prouse's center was brought from Yoshida at close range. Adrian shows a brilliant reflex to deflect the ball.

The push of Soton began to disturb the visitors. Ryan Bertrand stabbed and sent a horizontal cross aimed at Che Adams. Adrian interrupted him first before being hit by Adams.

A 33-minute Salah experiment was not enough to threaten the home side, although the shooting space was good enough. The kick is far from the goal.

A great opportunity was created by the host in the 38th mentor. Oriol Romeu sends a measured cross, headed by Adams. However, the ball still slides over the target.

Although still depressed towards the end of the first half, Liverpool have actually been able to reap the benefits. Mane gets the ball to the left, then moves to the cut in the middle and launches a heavy blow that hits the right corner of the target.

The first half ended, Liverpool leading 1-0.

Liverpool received a free kick in front of Soton's penalty box three minutes into the second half. One tried to hit a direct shot, but still hit a sweat.

A horizontal shot from James Milner, grabbing a wild ball from a corner in the 55th minute, rolled to the right on the door of Soton.

Another threat from Liverpool a minute ago. One got a break from Manet and fled to the right. The fraudsters can still be driven by the goalkeeper.

Liverpool continued to press the host. This time, a good chance was found by Roberto Firmino in the 65th minute, whose shot met the cross of Manet to the right of the door.

Two minutes later, Satoon answered. Danny Ings sent a twisting kick out of the penalty box that slid slightly over Adrian's door.

After a series of opportunities, Liverpool really scored the second goal in the 70th minute. Manet wins the ball from defender Soton on the left, then passes it to Firmino. Firmino moved downtown to make room and his horizontal shot failed to reach Gunn.

Liverpool did not release the pressure. A direct free kick four minutes later Alexander-Arnold's gastric pass was taken out by Manet, who escaped security. Gun cleverly ripped the ball away.

When he comfortably controlled the match, a fatal mistake was made by Adrian and resulted in a goal for Soton in the 83rd minute. Reacting too long to reverse, the blow instead leads to Danny Ings and betrays the target.

Three minutes later, Soton nearly leveled. Jan Valerie's cross leads to Ings, who runs for free outside the door. But the kick went wide!

The momentum was used by Sutton to suppress his guests for the remainder of the match. But no other goal is being created.


Liverpool: Adrian, Alexander-Arnold, Mathip, van Dyke, Robertson, Oxlade-Chamberlain (Henderson 89 & # 39;), Vignalum, Milner (Fabinho 74 & # 39;), Wrong (Origi 79 & # 39;), Firmino, Mane

Southampton: Gan, Bednarek, Yoshida, Vestergaard, Valerie, Ward-Prous, Romeu (Ings 64 & # 39;), Hodberg, Bertrand (Jenpe 77 & # 39;), Adams (Armstrong 68 & # 39;), Redmond

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