Wednesday , July 28 2021

Mauro Icardi looks forward to the return of Lionel Messi

Icardi also praised Argentina's sense of friendship and unity that is improving now.

Mauro Icardi expressed her hopes of seeing Lionel Messi again, who will be worth the Argentine national team for Copa America next year.

Messi has not yet strengthened his country since he was killed in the last 16 of the World Championships in 2018, where they were defeated by France, who eventually emerged as a champion.

Without the superstar Argentina Argentina has played six international matches and lost only once. Including when Lionel Scaloni's troops won twice with a 2-0 score in a counter-Mexican test this month.

"Messi is the best player in the world and we all hope he will come back with us, especially that America will come," said Ircardi Tik Sport.

Inter Milan's bomber and captain in Istanbul also boasted the spirit of Scalloni's landing team, the coach now managing the entire team after being able to get a temporary status.

"I was missing a goal, I was expecting it and now I'm happy," said Icardi, dropping a goal against Mexico with Paulo Diballa.

"It's not easy to go out without marking the result, which creates many conversations, but now I hope it will continue like this."

"We are a very large group, we can grow up and be happy to work with Leo [Scaloni], Walter [Samuel] and Pablo [Aimar]Of course, the federation determines their future, but I can say that the atmosphere in the team has never been there before. "

"We are all in the team now, feeling comfortable, and that's very important, I've been working before, but I've never seen the sense of friendship and unity that exists between us right now."


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