Monday , July 26 2021

NASA reviews security in SpaceX and Boeing

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new York – The US Space Agency (NASA) will review safety at work in two of its major trading partners, SpaceX and Boeing.

The two companies are developing spacecraft to bring NASA astronauts to and from the International Space Station (ISS). This review is estimated for months and will require hundreds of interviews.

NASA decided to do this review because SpaceX founder Elon Musk sipped marijuana in Joe Rogan's podium in September.

It has not yet been clear whether this investigative process will delay the departure of the mission to the ISS or not. They will only focus on the safety and success of the crew mission that will begin at the International Space Station.

"NASA will conduct a study of cultural research, coordinated with our trading partners to ensure that the company meets NASA's workplace safety requirements, including non-drug compliance," NASA said in a statement quoted by The Verge on Wednesday (11/21/2018).

NASA expects their trading partners to meet all safety requirements at the workplace in fulfilling the mission and services they provide.

Both SpaceX and Boeing are NASA's main contractors. Boeing is the main ISS manufacturer and the company is currently building a space launch of NASA Space Launch System.

Meanwhile, SpaceX is responsible for the regular release of cargo in IAS, and recently the company has been certified by NASA to launch the most expensive and most sophisticated science mission.

Both companies say safety is their number one priority. "Space flight of man is the company's main mission," said SpaceX in a statement. "There is nothing more important about SpaceX than this effort, and we take the responsibility NASA has entrusted us to introduce American astronauts safely and safely into the ISS)


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