Monday , September 26 2022

Neimar to Barcelona Not for yourself, but for Brazil

[ad_1] – Brazilian national defender Philippe Lewis urged Neamar to return to Barcelona immediately.

Neimar's condition in his current club, Paris Saint-Germain, is no longer favorable.

This is triggered because the player said he wanted to "migrate" and look for a place to be.

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The PSG is also openly not interested in the release of Neymar, as the terms of the transfer are appropriate.

Seeing this condition, Philippe Lewis suggested that Neamar be able to get back to Camp Nou.

According to the former Atletico Madrid player, it is not only for Neamar's future but for the future of the Brazilian national team.

"I want him (Neimar) to return to Barcelona," said Philippe Lewis United States.

"In Barcelona, ​​Neamar is happy, and I want to enjoy and play with Lionel Messi," he said.

"I hope that for the good of Brazilian football, Neamar will return to Barcelona, ​​but I do not think it will be easy," said the player who had just joined Flamengo.

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For two seasons, defending PSG, Neimar did not improve his job.

Imported from Barcelona in 2017, he successfully became the most expensive player in the world after PSG bought it for a transfer of 222 million euros (Rp 3.4 trillion).

In the season 2018-2019, Neymar appeared in only 28 games in all PSG races due to frequent injuries.

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