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NET TV, Pong Harjatmo and weighing the television business on Netflix Era all

[ad_1] – Old actor Pong Haratmo is confused about where to collect fees for shooting the program East which aired on NET TV a few months ago.

The denomination is not big, only 5 million IDR.

But he wondered why the payment took so long. He also heard that many artists had suffered a similar fate. He tried to reach the responsible person via SMS but did not receive a reply.

Efforts over the phone were also ignored.

"He mentioned parts talentalready out. The finance department also came out. Call the producer directly several times, but even his photos on the mobile phone have been deleted or lost, "Pong said, Thursday (08/08/2019).

Feeling lied to, Pong even hired a lawyer to make a summons and even a police investigation.

Fortunately, a few days ago, the coolium was released, so Pong canceled the case.

Completing the Pong case does not necessarily "clear" the name of NET TV.

Nowadays, the virtual universe has been alarmed by reports that there will be mass cuts (PHK) on NET TV.

Not to mention the loss of a number of major on-screen programs and the cancellation of NET, the stock market said.

What is actually happening on television today?

Employee efficiency

PT NET Mediatama Indonesia's Chief Operating Officer Azuan Sahril confirmed that he has achieved human resources efficiency. But not through mass cuts.

Employees are only "encouraged" to resign, guaranteed without coercion.

"We even offer employees who intend to resign. We will provide benefits for them," Azuan said, Friday (08/09/2019).

?? Only this month there were 20 more who resigned. NET bureaus in Semarang and Surabaya are closed. In fact, both bureaus should be important in the name of NET TV news.

"What is certain is that we are effective in moving to the main company. And also for news, we can get it from sources, we have citizen journalism"Yes, it's the same as the friends of other TVs," Azuan said. " Asked if the performance is performing as NET's finances deteriorate, Azuan does not want to answer.

Similarly, the battered NET news is competing with other TVs due to poor ratings. But it justifies the effectiveness of keeping NET on the screen.

"We are now in an age of intense competition, we are suddenly holding a strategy against the company. So we are making a new strategy," Azuan said.

Compete with soap operas

Compared to other entertainment TVs, NET may have better content.

"Alternatively watch entertainment on a screen of different format and program content with other TV stations," it says on its website.

But why with good NET content is it difficult to compete with other stations?

Is it true that people prefer to watch soap operas and doom talk show gossip?

Remotivi researcher Firman Imaduddin said the tastes of television audiences could be a reason for NET TV to struggle to compete.

Bad public taste cannot be separated from the role of NET competitors who introduce people to low-quality shows.

"The problem is when popular shows are junk. Yes, it's not gender sensitive, general duplication, this becomes a problem," said Firman.

Good NET-style content may not be interesting enough for TV viewers.

But this does not mean that NET must bow to market tastes. The challenge is to provide quality entertainment while still being liked by the public.

"Homework is how to define quality shows, but still maintenance of to the television industry, still education, This can be done by Baja Bajuri"said Firman.

Perform to digital

Another claim to NET TV staggered is the digital trend that has jumped. A study by AC Nielsen's rating agency showed that the growth of mobile phone ownership over the past five years has been very rapid, reaching 250 percent.

Time spent by Indonesian digital media users has also increased over the last three years. From an average of 2 hours 26 minutes to 3 hours 20 minutes a day.

While the time spent on television media has not increased, from 4 hours 54 minutes to just 4 hours 59 minutes over the same period.

"It's clear that digital is catching up with television, and digital is seen as a 'sexy' newcomer to the media mix," said Nielsen Global Media CEO Matt O'Grady.

Although a portion of the television advertising cake is still larger for the media, this trend may make television no longer attractive to advertisers.

Because only in the US, mobile and PC applications are increasingly undermining television.

It happened in the US group of 18-34, a productive age who casually actively shopped.

Illustration.Shutterstock Illustration.

Still, based on Nielsen data, in the United States, people aged 18-34 spend time on their cell phones and their computers 4 hours 2 minutes a day.

While the television is only 1 hour 54 minutes. Television has been distinguished only in some X generations and generations Baby Boomersor whose age is over 50.

In the US, free TV is still alive. However, the property only revolves around five major networks, namely NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox and The CW.

If Indonesia is simply dazzled by the blackout of conventional media today, in the United States, the cable TV or pay-TV industry has long lost its customers with Netflix and friends in attendance.

In addition to age and global trends, Imaduddin recalled that there is a class bias that is affecting the television industry.

They may have left television and switched to mobile phones for entertainment and information.

"Actually, their content is good, but in terms of the dominant community, they are not in demand. Public relations is about making quality shows, but appealing to the markets that leave the television," said Firman.

The problems facing NET now do not rule out the possibility of facing the television industry as a whole.

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