Monday , October 3 2022

Nintendo has finally revealed the Switch Lite, Here's the type and features

[ad_1] – Rumors about the latest generation of Nintendo Switch have finally revealed. The next iteration of the game console Switch previously heard that there was a cheaper version smaller than the usual Switch. Now is the news.

As reports from TheVerge on Thursday (11/7), Nintendo reveals Switch Lite, which is designed as an alternative and cheaper than the original Switch Tablet or Game Console. The Nintendo Switch comes with a price of $ 200 or the equivalent of 2.8 million Rp.

Like rumors spread, the Nintendo Switch Lite is specifically designed as a portable device. This means the player can not connect to the TV and the joy controller is installed directly. This is different from the original switch that can connect to a TV with joy or uninstall.

Nintendo Switch Lite. (Nintendo)

Nintendo's president for the United States (USA) Doug Bowser told TheVerge that the two Nintendo switches will complement each other on the market. "Both systems will complement and complement each other on the market," he said.

Several improvements can be seen in Switch Lite. As the name suggests, the device is certainly much lighter due to its size. It is believed that Switch Lite feels healthier because the Joy-Con controller is already part of the device. No individual parts that can be removed and installed as in the original Switch. Nintendo also says Switch Lite has a slightly better battery life than the original Switch.

The Nintendo Switch Lite comes in a variety of vivid colors at launch. These colors are yellow, gray, turquoise, and special editions of the Pokemon Sword and Shield Shield. Everything has a nice matte texture that feels right to hold.

For the sector of the screen, Switch Lite's resolution remains the same as the original Nintendo Switch, which is 720 pixels. This new device has a 5.5-inch touchscreen compared to 6.2 inches for its predecessor.

In addition to the new design and some of the changes described above, the original Lite and Switch switches are predominantly identical. Nintendo said there was no difference in performance between the two models. Players can still use the same accessories as Lite, including Joy Controllers, Variable Controllers, and Poker Ball Plus.

Switch Lite still supports Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC and has built-in grid. Since its debut in March 2017, Nintendo has sold nearly 35 million Switch devices around the world. The Nintendo Switch Lite will be launched on September 20th.

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