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No heartache, former Grab Cs driver makes a taxi online


Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia– Competition in the online transport industry will be even more exciting. Bitkar is a new player in the industry who will challenge the dominance of Champions, Gojek and Grab.

Uniquely, this online taxi is managed by former partners of online taxi drivers Grab and Gojek. This platform is set to launch in August 2019.

Chief Operating Officer (COO) Bitkar Christiansen Weigy said that at the initial stage Bitkar only covered Jakarta and surrounding areas (Jabodetabek). There are currently 1,000 partners who will work as online taxis drivers for Bitcar.

"The first week of August, we are now re-checking the data of drivers who have registered," Christiansen, quoted by CNNIndonesia, said Thursday (1/8/2019).

The Bitcar app developed by Bitcar Sdn Bhd can be downloaded for both Android and iOS mobile apps. Christiansen explained that the company is focusing on developing Bitcar as an online taxi service. He said there are expected to be online options for motorcycle charging for consumers next year.

Christiansen, who is also the general chairman of the Central Board of the Online Drivers Association (ADO), said that in late August, bitcoin services could be used in Medan, North Sumatra and in September in Surabaya, East Java.

"We started with online fees early next year for online motorcycle fees and other services," he said.

Christiansen said all of Bitcar's executives had previously worked as partners with Gojek and Grab. However, he said that Bitcar, a Malaysian-based company based in Central Park, Jakarta, was not a manifestation of the injured driver's project.

He said that the manager of Bitcar is not a partner of Grab and Goyek, whose partnerships were terminated due to termination. Later, the issue of suspending the affiliate account was overflowing, one of which was accused of not taking advantage of the partners because this could be done unilaterally by the applicator.

In fact, a group of partners were desperate to take to the streets for demonstrations related to it at the offices of Grab and Goek.

"My account is still active so far. And my team is with all active accounts. But because of the focus on Bitcar, we, as automatic managers, are no longer joining," he said.

He said Bitcar's presence is also expected to help drivers who have lost their jobs due to case stoppages.

"Just with Bitcar's presence, it will help colleagues whose accounts have been suspended to comply with Prime Minister 118/2018," he said.

Christiansen added that Bitkar was formed not as a resistance or a former partner of Gojek and Grab. According to him, however, new efforts in the area of ​​online transport aim to give the community and the driver choice.

"We are not present to fight them (Grab and Gojek), but we provide choices for drivers and the community," he said.

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