Monday , September 26 2022

Noise against Arema, Simic and Bruno Matos called without issue


Jakarta – Jakarta of Duo Persia Marco Simic and Bruno Matos have just been arguing. Persia coach Julio Banuelos insisted the two players had no problems.

The tussle between Simic and Bruno Matos happened when Persia met Arema FC 2-2 during League 1 at GBK Stadium on Saturday (3/8/2019). A golden opportunity from Bruno Matos in the first round failed to score.

However, when he chose to drop the kick directly into Arema's door. Although there is a Simic whose position is more advantageous to note.

Simic also seems to be briefly expressing his disappointment with Bruno. They both seemed grilled.

"There is no problem between Bruno Matos and Marko Simic. What happened on the pitch may be that they want to score goals, but there are no obstacles for me," Julio said after the match.

In the match against FC Arema Persia actually left first through a goal by Hanif Shehbandi in the eighth minute. Tiger Kemayoran managed to reply with a goal from Noori Setyavan in the 20th minute.

Persia added the advantage after scoring Simic. But the victory of Persia, which was before his eyes, disappeared, because Arema equalized through Ahmad Nur Hardianto's goal at the end of the injury.

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