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PAN: Wishes Gerindra and PKS to remain a constant opposition

President Jokko Wyoddo (left) and chairman of the Jerrynda Pabrovo Subbianto (right) party give information to MRT station reporters in Senegal, Jakarta, on Saturday (13/07/2019). (BETWEEN PHOTO / Wahyu Putro A)

JAKARTA, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Deputy Chairman of PAN's Honorary Council, Drazdjad Vibovo, hopes that his party, the party of Gerindra and PKS, will consistently become opposition parties. It is believed that all three are able to play a strategic role in criticizing government policies that are not conducive to people.

"After the Jokowi-Prabowo meeting, I hope Gerindra, PAN and PKS will remain consistent in the opposition," Drajad said in Jakarta on Sunday (14 July 2009).

He believes that as a nation all parties must jointly build a healthy and healthy democracy. According to him, the solution requires opposition, which can offer policy options that are beneficial to people.

In addition, according to him, related to the pros and cons of Prabowo-Sandi supporters, this is the reality. Piravo has chosen and each of his supporters certainly has the right to take up his own attitude.

"Although I was told about the story before the meeting, it was unethical to comment before Mr. Amien Rais read the letter from Pablo," he said.

Previously, Jokowi and Prabowo met at Lebak Bulus, Jakarta MRT station, and together took MRT to Senayan Jakarta Station, Saturday (13/07/2019). Joko Widodo and Prabowo then walk from Senayan MRT Station to FX Plaza Sudirman Restaurant in Senayan.

Both agreed that the supporters were united, no longer the terms "cebong" and "kampret" in the community.

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