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Persewar Waropen Peach Oiled 0-2

Kediri – Persic Kedri was defeated by Persebar Varopen 0-2 in League 2 2019. The White Tiger coach, Budiyarjo Talib, recognized the resistance of the visitors.

In the match of Brawnya stadium, Kedri, East Java, Sunday (14.07.09) Peaches could hold the draw of Persevar in the first round. in fact, the two goals scored in the last 15 minutes. Two goals were scored by Samuel Gideon Balinza in 81 and 91 minutes.

For the defeat he suffered, Persic had to give up the highest ranking in the Waropen Persewar. Prix ​​fell to third place with eight points, while Persevar gathered three 11 points.

"The opponents that face this time are really strong, however, in general, the children played very well, they struggled hard for the best results and I appreciate it," Budiyarjo said on Sunday (14.07.2019). ),
"What is this (the defeat factor this time), I think the players also played well, I can not say anything, maybe it's just a factor for luck in the game," added Buddy.

Meanwhile, Elli Aibo, a coach of Perseus, is grateful for the full points his team has achieved in this game.

"This is an incredible victory, with this victory our team is at the top of the Eastern Group, and the team we've won is Persian Katherine," he said.

Iliya Ayboy said the victory was achieved by Persevar, using the use of the last minute Pearce's endurance.

"I have noticed if the endurance of Persic Kedri has dropped in the last few minutes, and I have tried to take advantage of the conditions by entering new players at the front line, and finally this strategy is paid off," said Ellie.

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