Saturday , July 24 2021

Persib Bandung Believes To Players Bobotoh Don't be Eaten by Negative Issues

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, BANDUNG – Persib Bandung is being hit by unsavory issues related to bribery and scoring. Not wanting this polemic to drag on, Persib Bandung gave an official statement regarding this matter.

Allegations of bribery and score arrangements that hit Persib Bandung when entertaining PSMS Medan at the I Wayan Diptya Stadium, Gianyar, Bali in the 31st Week 1 match of the 2018 League, Friday (11/09/2018) then now entered a new phase.

Do not want to drag on, the club issued an official statement to ease the atmosphere.

Not only defusing the atmosphere, the move was taken as an answer to all the confusion that was currently covering the national football public, especially Bobotoh, a supporter of Persib.

In his official website, Maung Bandung stated at the same time affirming that they fully trusted the players.

The club strongly denied these baseless accusations.

"Persib hereby confirms that he fully believes in his players and flatly denies the allegations addressed to the Blue Prince players," wrote

The club management's trust in the players was obtained because in the contract of work agreement, the points related to the principles of fair play and sportsmanship were clearly stated.

Likewise the players believe that Persib is a large and integrity team, and it is impossible for players to do things that hurt the club's honor.

Furthermore, the club management deeply regretted that there were still parties who carried out unfounded accusations to Bobotoh's proud club.

Sportsmanship, fair play, exercising with dignity are values ​​that have been embedded in Persib's soul since the club was founded. As it should, we guard together without throwing baseless accusations.
At the end, he hoped Bobotoh and all football public in the country would not be affected by these issues.

"We hope that Bobotoh will not be consumed by the outstanding issues and together with us trust the players with sweat drops defending the Persib logo on the chest," they said.

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