Wednesday , September 28 2022

Pocophone Mobile Phone Will Not Be Produced Again?


Jakarta, Selular.ID – As a sub-brand of Xiaomi, Pocophone released a new series last year, even the Pocophone F1 is expected to be the lead in the series at a low price.

After releasing F1, Pocophone will release a series of sequences, namely Pocophone F2 in August. But at the same time, the news spread that Pocophone will stop producing its smartphone. This means that Pocophone may not be produced anymore.

This is no reason, Android Authority reported, Pocophone news release will not be re-produced after Jai Mani, head of Pocophone products, resigns from Xiaomi. Manny entered Xiaomi India in 2014 and began to respond as a Pocophone producer in 2018.

While Manu Jain, the Indian head and international vice president of Xiaomi, Xiaomi said the fate of the Pocophone line is still unclear.

The Xiaomi representative, however, gave a different answer when he was questioned by email, he said that for now Poco has not changed, although there was one contractor who resigned and the job is still in line with the plan.

Looking at the Pocophone F1 a few months back, this smartphone really had a lot of news. This is because the buyer who deals directly with Erafone's physical store says the Pocophone F1 camera is problematic.

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However, during the visit, Selular.ID at that time, the organizer agreed whether there is a problem with the F1 camera, but the details are very mixed.

Please note that the Pocophone F1 brought a dual camera with AI power. The Pocophone F1 uses only two 12MP camera (Sony IMX363) and a 5 megapixel second camera that is only supported by EIS without OIS. Although the OIS function must maintain the stability of the lens, if there is a shock when targeting photo-frames. So as a result of the image sharply without blur effect.

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