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Police in Empath Lowang, South Sumatra, were attacked by mobsters, 4 members of stab wounds


The attack took place tonight in Empath Lowang, South Sumatra. Four members of the Ulu Musi police have reportedly been stabbed and in critical condition.

"Yes, there was an attack by a group of people tonight. A total of four of our members were stabbed and critical," explained Kapolres Empat Lawang AKBP Eko when asked to be confirmed on Wednesday (07/31/2019).

According to Eko, the attack began when the head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Ulu Musi District Police, Ipda Arsan, and three of his members secured the threat from the perpetrators in the area.

Lacking time for security, the Criminal Investigation Division and member were suddenly stabbed with knives by two perpetrators, Irwin and Ervan. While the other two members immediately took action against the perpetrators.

"Yes, after the decisive action, the two members were taken to Tebing Tinggi Hospital. Suddenly, around 9:00 pm West Indonesian time, there was a mass of two trucks, about 50 people came to RSUD," he said.

The crowd, which came at once, looked for members who were alert and made brutal attacks. As a result, two more members were injured and evacuated to the police station immediately.

"Yes, they attacked with the help of swords and kecepek (assembled firearm). "All the members guarding their hospitals are attacking," he said.

Upon receipt of the report, members who were treated and injured were immediately taken to the police station. Meanwhile, location conditions are still called trying to control them.

"Conditions are still temporarily favorable. We are still on standby," said the police chief.

While this news has not been revealed, police are still under siege. There are even some perpetrators who are safe and shot because they are considered dangerous.

"We acted hard (firing), but there were some who were safe because they were quite dangerous," the police chief closed.

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