Thursday , February 9 2023

Portrait of the new house of Muzdalifa and Fadel Islam, other than the 32 billion home, without longer gilding


SURYAMALANG.COM “A portrait of Muzdalifa's new home and Fadel Islami's, which was revealed a while ago, has been able to steal attention.

Known as a $ 32 billion luxury home, Fadel Islami and Muzdalifa have just moved into a modest house.

The new homes of Fadel Islam and Muzdalifa, which are located in the residential area, are now not as gilded as their previous luxury homes.

Muzdalifa, showing wonderful sleeping moments in the embrace of Fadel Islam, wishing to accompany her husband to work and stay upstairs
Muzdalifah, showing wonderful moments for sleep, hugging Fadel Islami, wanting to accompany her husband to work and stay up (Instagram @ muzdalifah999)

Singer dangdut Nasar's ex-wife returned to the conversation after remarrying a popcorn whose age was much younger than hers.

The marriage of Muzdalifa and Fadel Islami, who has been apart for 15 years, also rocked the media.

In addition, much news was heard if Fadel Islami's husband marries Muzdalifa only to seek treasure.

After their marriage, they have often heard the news that Muzdalifa has gone bankrupt and has to start a catering business and intends to sell her luxury home.

Muzdalifah is said to be selling a gold mansion he once inhabited.

Muzdalifa's luxury home, located in Tangerang, will be priced at $ 32 billion.

The house has not yet been sold, Muzdalifa and Fadel Islami are now able to move into their new homes.

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