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PSM vs Persija 2-2, Kans Persib Bandung The 1 st champions of 2018 are getting bigger, can the PSIS shave Semarang?

TRIBUN-TIMUR.COM – After the Indonesia Liga 2018 hot match between PSM Makassar vs Persija Jakarta, it will soon be presented to you PSIS Semarang vs Persib Bandung

Ball lovers can watch the game on PSIS vs Persib Live Streaming

Ahead of Persib Bandung vs. PSIS Semarang, this calculation of Maung Bandung can be 2018 League 1 champion:

Opportunity for Persib Bandung to win the 2018 League 1 is increasingly open following a 2-2 draw between PSM Makassar vs Persija Jakarta, Friday (11/16/2018).

The results made PSM Makassar and Persija Jakarta both lost two points.

Maung Bandung tried to take advantage of the draw from the two closest competitors.

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Persib Bandung is trying to approach as well as putting pressure on PSM Makassar and Persija Jakarta in the hunt for the 2018 League 1 title.

Three won perfect points echoed Persib Bandung defender Victor Igbonefo.

According to Victor, the match against PSIS Semarang is very important for Maung Bandung to replace the defeat of PSMS Medan.

"We will try, we want to win there because this is one important match after yesterday we failed. I hope we can win," Victor Igbonefo said after practicing at the Starling Harupat Stadium on Friday (11/16/2018).

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