Monday , September 26 2022

Researchers Reveal Oumuamua's Asteroid that Passed the Earth Allegedly an Alien Ship, This is a List of Strangeness


TRIBUNMANADO.CO.ID – Still remember the mysterious umuoid Oumuamua that crossed Earth in September last year?

World researchers continue to find out and learn about these outer rocks.

Now, in a recent report, Harvard researchers say that the mysterious asteroid could be an alien spacecraft that sailed through Earth using light.

When Oumuamua crossed near our planet, scientists were quite surprised because this object was the first object known to have originated from another solar system.

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Unfortunately, this stone shot fast enough out of our solar system. This makes the researchers can only observe it for a while.

In that short time, astronomers learned that the object was moving in a strange way. It rotates rapidly when flying through our solar system.

In the new report, researchers said that this was possible because the large rock acted as a "light screen". That is, the object goes through space using the sun as its energy source.

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If the assumption is correct then maybe Oumuamua is a spacecraft made by aliens.

"(That object might be) a full operational investigation that was sent intentionally to around the Earth by an alien civilization," the researchers wrote quoted from The Independent, Tuesday (06/11/2018).

Actually, this is not the first time Oumuamua has estimated an alien spaceship. Previously, researchers from the Breakthrough Listen project announced that they would monitor whether this object sent radio signals.

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