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Revealed, Cause Rian and Rai D'MASIV were noisy on stage


JAKARTA, – The band D & MASIV finally raised his voice in the dispute between Rian (vocal) and Rai (bass) on the stage.

DAS MASIV's manager, Sisil, said that what Rian had done was common in the group, where every man would reproach other staff if something went wrong during execution.

Just, Sisil said, at that time, the conditions of the staff had been exhausted, so the conditions that were normally made were unpleasant.

– The problem really is basic because I'm just tired, and usually the kids (DAS MASIV staff) like to be excited if something is wrong, for example, Sissil said by phone, Monday (15.7.2015).

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Because of the tired condition, Sisil continued, the rebuke given to him by Ryan was differently different from Paradise.

Paradise looked emotional as he decided to leave it bassand he left the scene when the show continued to work.

"Just when it was right when the reproach was taken with the heart of Paradise, and the atmosphere suddenly became so strong that Rai fell out of the stage, but fortunately there was only one last song," Sisil said.

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DMASIV Rang's vocalist uploaded a photo of the band's merger on Sunday (14.07.09). picture of the account in @ rianekkypradipta DMASIV Rang's vocalist uploaded a photo of the band's merger on Sunday (14.07.09).

Fortunately, "said Sisil," the remaining performances can be saved with a spare player.

– Just because we are back who can replace Heaven, we can finally do it handle the last remaining song, "he said.

Even so, Sisil said the dispute did not last long, because MASSIV immediately gathered to dissolve the atmosphere.

"Ryan and Rai are really us find out to speak in any case only with other players (staff) so there is a neutral country to say. Make it easier, "said Sisil.

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"We usually do this if we have a problem, we want it to be production or between themplayerhe continued.

Instagram Story Publications by Rian DMASIV.Instagram / Rian Ekky Pradipta Instagram Story Publications by Rian DMASIV.

It is known that DAS MASIV has just completed the entertainment of Lombok residents in the Rembíga area on Saturday (13/07/2019). But their appearance was adorned with unpleasant incidents.

The vocalist, Rianne, was inconsistent with the bassist, Ray. In fact, Rai even pushed Rian and put his bass to leave the scene when D & MASIV is still in action.

It is well known that the dispute originates from an amateur video of an audience disseminated in the social media.

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