Wednesday , September 28 2022

Rocky Herung claims the police ruled Jokowi entered the KPK


VIVA – A researcher from the Association for Democratic Education, Rocky Herung, suspects that police generals who register candidates for leadership of the Anti-Corruption Commission are V and not on their own initiative. However, they were ordered directly by their superiors.

"If the police are actively registered, the question is whether the initiative itself is registered, what is the task of the Chiefs?" It is not possible that the active police have an initiative to enter the CPC, namely the appointment of overseers. "Kuningan Perdasha, South Jakarta, Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Rocky believes that the "construction" of National Police Chief Tito Carnavian is the one who ordered high-ranking police officers to register for CPC in the period 2019-2024. The police chief, Rocky says, has been commissioned by President Jico Viddo.

"So, he (the police) was appointed chief just because there was a CPC registration hierarchy, and the boss should be the head of the police who is the head of the police?

Rocky said the large number of police generals who had passed the Commission's selection of the CPC in administration and expertise caused public suspicion. It is known that of the 104 participants who have passed the second selection stage, nine police officers have gone to the next stage.

In addition, Rocky actually touched the case of violent water terror against KPK investigators, the Baswedan novel, which has not yet been revealed.

At the same time, Rocky continues, the Supreme Court also received a cassation complaint filed by Syafruddin Arsyad Temenggung, related to the alleged corruption case of BDNI's issue of debtor SKL BLBI.

In its decision, the Jury rejects all claims filed by the CPC Prosecutor. The judge also asked Syafruddin to be released from the KPK prison and restore the rights and dignity of the former IBRA chief.

"People are starting to interpret why this is the case, there are cases that can not be solved, the new TFP is not clear, the MA is also unclear," Rocky said.

Rocky regretted the attitude of Chief Chancellor of CPC Tom V, who failed to understand how many elements of the police registered the KPK team. Supposedly, he explained, Pansel called on top officials in the Bhiaqkara Corps not to register, although it is not forbidden to regulate.

"The Chancellor of the CPC is also unclear, the procedures for everyone to register, yes, the positive law says that, however, the ethical reform Pansell does not understand." Pancel must point out that because of the reform of the brothers (police) he does not register, but he (Pansel) You can not forbid him, Rocky said. (Asp)

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