Monday , September 26 2022

Rodri, the giant among the male town of Lilliput


Shanghai "Rodri had Manchester City not only replace Fernandinho. But also increase the size of City's game through top balls.

The city was so dominating last season and managed to win the Premier League again after defeating Liverpool. But behind City's majesty there is a remarkable flaw on Pepe Guardsiola's squad.

The city is the team with the shortest average player in the Premier League last season, namely 179.7 cm. Consequently, the city is often inconvenient if it has to face a physical and air duel, faced by teams that are good at it.

Waiting for this to happen again next season, City has already brought Rodri of Atletico Madrid. It is assumed that the defense midfielder will be heir to Fernandino's aging and is now vulnerable to injury.

But more than that, Rodri's arrival will enrich the team's style of play through the top balls. As it is known, Rodri was 191 centimeters tall and became the tallest player in the club with Eimerick Laport, who had the same height.

With this high and high position Rodri is expected to be a thick wall in the midfield of the city to counteract the attack. Moreover, Rodri has a reputation for "butcher" when playing athletic last season.

"I think he (Fernandinho) is a talented player, but perhaps one of the advantages the team can get is stronger in physical fights," said Rodri in FourFourTwo.

"We have many great but small players, but you never know whether it's good or bad, but it's good, of course, there's a mix of players," he continued.

"Football has changed, now it's a more physical fight, and it's great to have a physical end to the players in my position."

"I remember a few years ago that I could be a good player in attack and defense if I want to make it to Manchester," he said.

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