Sunday , July 3 2022

Scientists are looking for ways to combat asteroids that potentially hit the Earth

[ad_1], Jakarta – Scientists are looking for ways to stop the catastrophe caused by an asteroid impact on Earth.

Although there is currently no potential danger of space rocks colliding on Earth, scientists are discussing a number of ways to avoid collisions with Earth asteroids.

Luxembourg Grand Duchy's Space Resources Advisor Pete Warden said that if the asteroid was large enough to threaten the Earth, all countries would begin to act to move them.

Referring to the page Wednesday (08/14/2019) in 2021, NASA will conduct a double asteroid transfer test.

In this test, NASA demonstrated the kinetic effects of small asteroid collisions to find out how far they can move the asteroid. This was done to maintain the existence of Earth in the future.

"The thing is, if you move things years ago, you don't have to move them too much," Wordon said.

For example, Wordon says, for an asteroid the size of a skyscraper the way to deflect its orbit is to crash a small-sized spacecraft.

"We can smash it with a small-sized spacecraft. When the two collide, it will affect energy and inertia. That way, the asteroid will move slightly out of its orbit," he said.

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