Wednesday , September 28 2022

Sipul Jamil's smile when visited by ex-wife Dewey Peach


VIVA – Pedangdut Dewi Perssik aka Depe gave a surprise to his ex-husband Seipul Jamil. Depe went to Kipinang Prison, where Saipul Jamil was detained with several other colleagues. Depe came with her husband Angga Vijay on Wednesday, July 31, 2019.

"Now we are back in Lapas and we want to have a friendship with Om Ypul. We hope that Ypul will be happy," Dewey Peach said on his Insta Story upload.

Devi Peach's visit was immortalized by impressions PesbukersApparently Dewey Peach visited Saipul Jamil, who was on his birthday on July 31st.

"Barakallah fi umrik "Saipul Jamil, 39, or Papi Yupul, 39, has always been protected by Allah," Depe wrote, accompanying the uploaded photos on his Instagram account.

Depe prayed again that the man, known by the name of Bang Ypul, could quickly reunite with his family. In the photo, posted by Dewey Peach, Saipul Jamil looked appropriate with a yellow-green T-shirt, black pants and blue sneakers.

Saipul Jamil also looked wide-eyed with his bright face. Devi Peach standing next to him also showed a happy expression as Angga Vijaya stood on the sidelines.

Warganet welcomes what Dewey Peach is doing. They boasted, even though Deppes was a former status, but he did not leave Sipul Jamil, who is still in prison, just like that.

"Alhamdulillah, the relationship is still going well", wrote warganet.

"Yes, God, you are so sweet. Your heart is mom, with your ex she is still good, Angga is also very good" other warganet comments.

As you know, Saypul Jamil is still serving a sentence for corruption and immoral acts. Saipul Jamil had to serve an eight-year sentence for the two cases.

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