Wednesday , September 28 2022

Stadia can still be played, although it is no longer a subscription


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Google explained their streaming platform for Stadia games. According to them, this service is not a subscription service, such as streaming movies or music. Users do not have access to all games but are required to purchase the game to be played. But users can still play the game if they no longer subscribe.

Stadia itself is a gaming platform in the Google cloud game. The cloud game service platform allows users to serve and buy the game they want to play but no physical software from the game. The game is stored inside cloud belongs to Google.

Reporting from ExtremeTech, the Google Stadia subscription system is different from the subscription concept for Netflix or Spotify, where customers have access to all songs and movie titles. This platform is more like subscribing to PlayStation Plus or XBox Live Gold.

Because when users serve Google Stadia, they will not be able to play all the games directly. Consumers have to buy the game before they can play the game they want.

"Stadia Pro is not" Netflix for gaming, "as many people say, the closest comparison being Xbox Live Gold or Playstation Plus," explains Andrei Dorinichev, product manager at Google Stadia, quoted by Extreme Tech.

"For users, they can transmit 4K / HDR, 5.1 sound, exclusive discounts and free games, and there is a free game every month, starting with Destiny 2," he added.

If the user stops subscribing to Stadia Pro, they can still access the purchased game. But, of course, users will lose access to games that are purchased if the worst option is that Google closes Stadia.

On the Google FAQ page, they explained that if one day the game purchased by users is no longer available for new purchases, they will still have access to the game.

Subscribing to Google Stadia will require a subscription fee of $ 9.99. or about 140 thousand leva. Per month. And if you want to get access to Stadia on TV, users have to use the Stadia Controller and Chromecast Ultra devices, each costing $ 69 or about 964,000 Rp. (hrd / age)

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