Monday , September 26 2022

Sukawana residents complain of sulfur odor and volcanic ash


PARONGPONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Residents of Sukawana, Karyawangi Village, Parongpong District, West Bandung Regency say they have been disturbed by the smell of sulfur and volcanic ash suspected of erupting Tangkuban Parahu Mountain.

This was revealed by the chairman of RW 12 Desawangiwangi, Dayat (37).

He mentioned that the smell of sulfur had been smelling a week ago after the first eruption of Tangkuban Parahu peak on Friday (26.07.2019).

"It smelled like a week from Friday. Most smelled it was Friday last week, the time of the first eruption," he told, Saturday (03/08/2019).

He said at certain times, the smell of sulfur was very strong. In addition to the smell of sulfur, volcanic ash also struck residents in the Sukawana area.

"What is now (aftershock) is the strongest odor while the rain is volcanic ash. The ash is coming into residential areas, only about 0.5 cm thick," he said.

Meanwhile, Dayat told 260 families in RW 12 and 13 in Karyawangi Village, there are no residents reporting that they have been exposed to shortness of breath or ARI from the effects of sulfur and volcanic ash.

"Alhamdulillah, there have been no reports of residents suffering from shortness of breath. Most residents complain about the smell. There is no dust, just complaints from those who have livestock and plantations are very disturbing," he explained.

He added that the aid so far comes from Tagana, Basarnas and West Java Quick Response in the form of masks. Dayat hopes the smell of sulfur and volcanic ash will quickly clear.

"The hope is that the government can foresee this incident so that the community does not suffer. I always coordinate with the head of the village," he concluded.

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