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Surabaya City Government Public Relations Return Kuwaiti TGUPP Anies Members on Ritism


Surabaya City Government (Pemkot) regretted members of DKI Jakarta's Accelerated Development Team (TGUPP), Marco Kusumavia, on his Twitter account. The Surabaya City Government estimated that Marco's attack had personally attacked Surabaya Mayor Three Rismaharini.

Through his Twitter account on Wednesday (07/31/2019) @mkusumawijaya, Marco welcomes if Rismma wants to be the head of DKI's waste management department. But Marco mentioned the issue of Reism's child.

"Great! Very good for Jakarta if Ms Rismma wants to be head of the garbage service. The environmental service can be broken into one of the solid waste services. I hope she does if that be relieved of her son's business, "Marco wrote, as seen AFP, Thursday (1/8).

Quitan is what is thought to be Surabaya's city government invading personal Rism. The Surabaya City Government also replied to Marco via his Twitter account @BanggaSurabaya, the same day.

"As for the tweet delivered by @mkusumawijaya, we regret that he personally attacked the mayor of Surabaya," the Surabaya city government said in a statement.

With regard to the dangers to Jakarta, an invitation to DPID DPRD faction chairman Bestari Barus NasDem to address the issue in the capital was called. The invitation was delivered by Bestari during a visit to the DPRK's Bapem Perda and the DKI's regional government in Surabaya.

"Are we ready to go to Jakarta in the near future? Can this garbage problem be resolved if the upcoming Bu Risma regional elections are moved to Jakarta," said Bestari, applauded by participants in a comparative study at the Surabaya City Hall on Monday (29/7).

Rizma's son, Fuad Bernardi, himself was questioned by police as witnessing the collapse of the Gubeng Highway. Fouad is believed to be a licensing participant.

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