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The Baten earthquake is not for viewers Didi Kempot at Panic Palace


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Green earthquake at 7.4 on the Richter scale, the impact was felt Jakarta tonight. However, many residents were unaware of the earthquake shaking in the courtyard of Merdeka Palace, Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Central Jakarta.

Residents waiting for a puppet show with the head of Ki Manteb Sudarsono seemed indifferent when, in other regions, the Indonesian capital was panicked by the earthquake shock. The puppet show itself began with the performance of singer Didi Kempot The godfather of Brokenheart,

"Many of them are not aware," said Cetiadi, one of the residents of the Merdeka Palace site CNNIndonesia.com,

Cetiadi said he was at the site when the earthquake shook around 19.03 WIB. Cetiadi admitted that he was aware of the earthquake that had occurred after the shutdown.

"About 1 minute. Initially, I didn't feel when I saw the palaces of the Palace light up, I just realized the earthquake," he said.

Cetiadi said he did not panic when the earthquake occurred, because when he learned that the earthquake had started to stop and was open. According to him, the open and wide courtyard of the Palace of Liberty was quite safe.

According to Cetiadi, Sufi admitted that he was also unaware of the earthquake. The Bandung woman claims she had just learned that an earthquake had occurred when she saw the lights swing hard.

"Not in a panic, because the courtyard of the Independent Palace is not yet crowded," said the Sufi, who later claimed he was trying to stay calm.

Like Cetiadi, Sufi did not leave the Palace of Liberty to watch the show. However, talk of the earthquake that has already taken place has been graded among the public.

Tonight, starting at 19.00 WIB, a puppet show in the shadow of Merdeka Palace was held with the director Ki Manteb Sudarsono.

The show, which is open to the public, is brought to life by a number of celebrities. In addition to Didy Kempot, celebrities mentioned in the posters of this activity were Butert Kertarajas, Kirun, Soima, Kek London and Edo Condologit.

Before that, there was an earthquake of magnitude 7.4 at about 19.03 WIB with a center at a depth of 10 kilometers, about 147 kilometers southwest of Sumur, Baten.

As a result of the earthquake, BMKG has released a potential tsunami warning.

Apart from Jakarta, the earthquake shock was reaching Beckas, Depok and even Bandung.

In a number of shopping centers and multi-storey buildings in Jakarta, the earthquake caused residents to leave the building. One of them is in Kota Casablanca Mall, South Jakarta.

According to a CNNIndonesia.com survey, within minutes of the earthquake ending, some visitors were still waiting outside the mall and did not dare to re-enter.

"Some visitors are still waiting outside the mall and dare not come in again," said Pput, one of the mall's visitors.

The same applies to Lotte Avenue, Cuningan District, Jakarta. Dozens of visitors scattered outside the mall during the earthquake. Some visitors were spotted running in a hurry to run around in a panic.

Visitors who dined at a number of restaurants left the table and participated in another crowd outside the building.

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