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The ex, who shot love birds at Duren Savit, has become a suspect


Ekie Unianto, 27, the perpetrators of the shooting of M couple Ramley Abdul Muiz and Vidya Lestari were identified as suspects. Eki was examined at the Duren Savitt Police Department.

"Already a suspect," Jakarta Police Chief Addi Wibowo said in a contact on Sunday (11/08/2019).

Commissioner Adi said ECI was still under intense scrutiny. After the check is completed, Aki will be immediately detained.

"Detention of SP (order) tomorrow," he said.

Earlier, Eki shot M Rami's lover Abdul Muiz and Seeing Lestari on Sunday afternoon around 4:00 pm WIB. The shooting was motivated by jealousy.

Ramley and Vidia received injuries to their hips and abdomen as a result of firing air rifles. Both were immediately taken to the Pondok Kopi Islamic Hospital.

"Victim M Ramley Abdul Muiz, 23, was wounded in the left leg of the thigh by a shotgun with an air rifle and Vidya Lestari (23) was shot in the abdomen by an air rifle," said the chief of police in East Jakarta. , Senior Commissioner Adi Wibowo.

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