Sunday , November 29 2020

The farm chief disputes the report of the settlement foundation to Jokowi

Jokowi admitted that the current administrative procedures are complex.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SEMARANG – The heads of the village of Central Java complained to President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) about the difficulties in compiling village accounts. Jokowi admitted that the current administrative procedures are complex.

"Rural funds have been repaid, this has to be called responsibility, so far it has been difficult," asked the chairman of the village leaders who attended the seminar to manage the central Java Java 2018 rural funds at the Center for the Development of Promotion Semarang (PRPP).

The chairman replied at the same time: "Difficult".

The head of state once again questioned why, if it was difficult, it was fulfilled for four years. Then the president invited on the scene representatives of village heads and facilitators. Sufeng, village A head of one of the villages in the neighborhoods of Boyolali and Vulandari, who helped the village, who also came from Boyolali, advanced on stage.

"I often hear from Mr Jokowi that the village-related report is only two parts, but there are many attachments," Sungen said, responding to the President's question.

Even Sungen admitted that he did not remember how much the report on settlement funds was so fat. The hearing of the confession of Sugan Jokowi admitted that in Indonesia this was complicated with the procedures. Djokovic admitted that it requires a lot of energy to reduce the rules that make simplified administrative procedures today.

"If only the ministerial ordinance can order it to be erased, or this prescription of the president will be wiped out." But if the order of the law is difficult, it is issue we are. So it has not been so simple, "Yokov said.

The president has promised that next year he will focus on changing the law so speed can really take place.

"The head of the village should not be complicated to have a report on SPJ, but quality control is good or not, irrigation is properly verified, cement is not really or only half, and the task should not be done. but the legislation is too much and needs to be simplified, "he explained.

While Vulandarri admitted that difficulties were found all along this time with evidence of incomplete transactions. Vulandarari also admitted that village leaders have split the project so the report becomes fat.

"In fact, there are many things because the activities are small, they eventually accumulate in batches." For example, the activity has to be combined to be Rp 200 million, it turned out to be divided into Rp 25 million. Finally the volume is more, "said Wulandari.

In addition, Yokov once again reminded the village to be careful to manage the country's money. "Stay away from actions that you can later enter the jurisdiction, so I again entrusted the financial management in the village is really done carefully," Jokowi said.

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