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The International AIDS Conference in Jayapura made seven recommendations


Jayapura (ANTARA) – Jayapura International AIDS Conference / JIAC / Jayapura AIDS International Conference recommended seven things at the end of the big event Saturday afternoon.

The first are the seven recommendations, ARV is the only HIV control drug in the human body, medicines and herbs are only recommended for supplements

Second, NGOs must be well selected so that the program is contextual. Third, involve indigenous Papuans actively involved in the prevention and control of HIV / AIDS (P2HA)

Fourth, the assessment of the Provincial AIDS Committee (Papua Province). Fifth, decentralization of ARV is mandatory. Next, six participated in the PLHIV community in the prevention and control of HIV / AIDS (P2HA). Finally, the 7th activates regional / urban operations throughout Papua's land.

The seven recommendations were put on a billboard and then posted on the board and signed by hundreds of attendees of the big impulse, both children and adults, after Jayapura Mayor Benhur Tommy Mano closed the event by drumming.

Jayapura International AIDS Conference (JIAC) / Jayapura AIDS recommended seven things at the end of a four-day grand event, Wednesday (30/7) to Saturday (3/8) at a hotel in Jayapura.

"JIAC activities from the first to the last day were more than 800 of our participants. Six foreign speakers, four national speakers," said Ni Nyman Sri Antari, head of the organizing committee for the Jayapura Conference.

In addition, he said, there were 39 local speakers. There were 13 exhibitors

Most of the cabins are in the environment and the favorite booths are on the stand in Rojali. There were 96 participants who took the HIV test at the clinic discovered by 13 puskesmas in Jayapura. From the review, two people are reactive and ready to go.

"For this reason, we are very grateful as the head of Jayapura Mayor Benhur Mayor Tommy Mano's committee as the initiator of the JIAC," he said.

This conference bears the theme "Together to FIG. HIV to 3 Zero "(zero new HIV infection, zero AIDS-related death, zero discrimination) and sub-topics of the HIV Testing Movement in Jayapura City.

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