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The jock son's beverage business won $ 5 million in funding


The illustration. Kaesang and Gibran open new Markobar and Banana outlets

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. The company owned by Indonesian President Joko Vidodo's subsidiary, Goola has received equity from venture capital firm Alpha JWC Ventures. The funding received was $ 5 million, equivalent to $ 71.25 billion ($ 14,250 exchange rate).

Goola is a beverage retailer founded by Gibran Rakabuming, Kevin Susanto and Benz Budiman. Compared to its average competitors hits with drinks bubble tea Goola actually serves local drinks. Such as ice docker, green bean ice and palm sugar guola.

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Goola is also taking a new approach to retailing mobile applications so it can reduce waiting times in stores. Not only this, the app will help companies to analyze consumer habits and preferences. "I believe there is magic in our drinks. If sugary drinks from other countries can be popular, why can't local beverages do the same? ”Gibran was quoted as saying. Dealstreet Asia,

Gibran added that the drinks Goola offered brought back childhood memories of its customers. Startup F&B has opened five stores in Jakarta and will open 15 more this year. By 2020, Goola will have 100 stores in Indonesia and even regionally.

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With the injection of fresh funds, Goola is targeting a presence in the cities of the first, second and third floors and begins regional expansion from next year. "We are proud of our mission to help Indonesian founders and companies succeed in Indonesia and bring them to the global stage," he explained. Managing Partner Alpha JWC Ventures Jeffrey Joe.

He mentioned Goola has the same mission and ambition as JWC in bringing local culture to the mass market and the world. JWC Ventura, in addition to investing in Goola, also invested $ 8.5 million in Kenangan Coffee in September last year.

JWC Ventura already manages $ 50 million and $ 100 million. The company is also actively investing in 28 companies.

Reporter: Avanty Nurdiana
Editor: Wahyu Rahmawati

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