Wednesday , September 28 2022

The Minister of Transport called the railway in a stagnant and no leap


JAKARTA, – Transport Minister Budi Karia Sumadi criticizes rail transport, which considers stagnation and no leap.

This was stated by the former Managing Director of Angkasa Pura II, which was linked to the challenges of mass transportation in Indonesia today.

"I criticize him if a mode of transport is stalled, I say less, this train is stalled," he said in Jakarta on Tuesday (23 July 2019).

"People are happy with what the train does, but there is no leap," he continued.

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According to the Transport Minister, the biggest challenge for mass transit is that people are increasingly using private transport, from cars to motorcycles.

Therefore, the Transport Minister appreciated that improvements in transport services and innovations are something that needs to be done.

At the moment, the transport minister said that in particular the bus continues to improve. Starting from the terminal, even transport improves.

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But in the rail sector, he saw that he was stagnant. The Minister of Transport hopes that railway operators can make a big leap in order to increase the volume, capacity and quality of their services.

The Minister of Transport gave an example of the Electric Railways (KRL) in Jakarta. According to him, if changes continue to be made, the number of passengers will not be 1.2 million per day, but may increase to 2 million a day.

"If that's good, BRT is good, mass transportation in Jakarta will be good," he said.

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