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The problem with Amnesty about Baiq Nuril, Jokowi promises to resolve immediately

JAKARTA, – President Joço Vidado said he did not receive a letter of recommendation from Jason Laoli, Minister of Law and Human Rights, until Friday (7/12/2019) in the afternoon, on the amnesty of Bike Nouriel McNun.

"Not at my table," Djokovic said at JCC Senegal, Jakarta, Friday (07/12/2019) in the afternoon.

However, Jokowi immediately took a decision on Baiq Nuril's amnesty when he received the letter from Menkumham.

"If I later went to my table, there are recommendations from the relevant ministries, I will decide, soon enough, I will finish it as soon as possible," he said.

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One of the Baiq Nuril Advocacy Teams Erasmus Nastut revealed that Jason Laoli, Minister of Justice and Human Rights, has signed a letter recommending amnesty.

The letter was signed after Menkumham conducted a study with the participation of a number of legal experts.

"Kemenkumam earlier this morning asked our team to come and there, and then Mrs. Nuril and Mencham signed a recommendation from Menchham on the granting of amnesty to Ms Nuril to President Yokov," Eraz told the presidential headquarters office, Jakarta on Thursday. 2019).

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Erasmus believes that the release of the recommended letter from Menkumham further strengthens the signal of forgiveness.

However, he realized that the decision to grant amnesty remained in the hands of President Yokovi.

Baiq Nuril Maqnun is a victim of verbal sexual violence, who has been sentenced to imprisonment for recording an obscene conversation with his boss.

This case started when Baiq Nuril received a call from Kepsek M in 2012.

In conversation, Kepsek M told about the connection between his body and a woman known to Nuril. Feeling harassing, Nuril recorded the conversation.

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In 2015, the record spread widely in the Mataram community and made Kepsek M fierce. The director then reported Nuril to the police for recording and distributing the tape.

The Supreme Court, through the Appeals Appeal on September 26, 2018, sentenced Bike Nuril to six months imprisonment and a fine of 500 million rubles, three months in prison.

The sentence was issued in accordance with the violation of Article 27 (1) Article 45 (1) of Law No 11/2008 on ETS.

Later Baiq Nuril introduced the PK but was rejected by the Supreme Court.

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