Wednesday , September 28 2022

The provocative fiction spread after the Djoki-Prabovo meeting


JAKARTA, – Police are launching fraudulent news or cyber frauds after a meeting between President Jocelo Viddo and the party chairman of Jerindra Pabrovo Subianto on Saturday (13.7.2013).

The Chief of the Public Information Bureau at the Police Relations Office, Brigadier General Paul Dedy Prades said fraud is provocative.

"There are still some, there are still hysterics on Twitter that say things that disagree with the cooling of the national situation, and then on YouTube, Dedi, when they met at the Pakarti Center, Central Jakarta on Monday (15.7.2015).

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Dedy said that the narrative narrative contains intolerance and polarization, or is divisive.

National police do not have specific data on the number of frauds. However, the content is being investigated by the Bareskrim Polri Crime Directorate on alleged illegal activities.

"The action is still being investigated by the cyber-team if there is an act against the law and violates the ITE Act, and the articles in the Penal Code are met.

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