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The right way to maintain health from air pollution


Jakarta, – Recently, air in several major cities in Indonesia has been polluted. Based on the Air Quality Index (AQI) data a long time ago, Jakarta was ranked 188th.

Keep in mind, AQI is an index that describes the level of air quality in an area. AQI calculates on the basis of six major types of pollutants, namely PM 2.5, PM 10, carbon monoxide, sulfuric acid, nitric dioxide and surface ozone. The range of AQI values ​​is 0 to 500. The higher the value, the higher the air pollution level in the region. This condition forces the community to maintain its health, especially from the threat of ARI.

An experienced healthcare professional who handles ARI cases in mining workers, Dr. Alvin Eric Gultom, explained that ARI or acute respiratory tract infections can be caused by exposure to smoke or air pollution.

"Contaminated air is difficult to filter, which facilitates entry into the mouth, throat and lungs. As a result, the airways experience allergies, inflammation and infection," Elvin said in a press statement Thursday (08/15/2019).

Elvin explained that the danger of ARI could cause severe breathing difficulties. Failure to work properly can have fatal consequences such as respiratory failure due to lungs that stop functioning, elevated levels of carbon dioxide, even heart failure. "ARI can be affected by anyone, but children and the elderly are most restrained because their immune systems are weak," says Elvin.

Alvin suggested that the introduction of antioxidants into the respiratory tract would help increase the body's resistance and fight free radicals, especially in the respiratory tract.

"There are currently effective ways to provide antioxidants and can be done by inhaling hydrogen gas through inhalation. This will affect the body's resilience. Hydrogen gas with high antioxidants will work to help fight bacteria in the respiratory tract and of course being accompanied by antibiotics by a doctor, ”Elvin said.

Co-founder LiveWell Global's Leonardo Visan said hydrogen inhalation therapy has been examined by various health journals for its link to promoting respiratory health.

"Hydrogen gas as a high antioxidant has been proven in magazines Medical gas research in 2014, which states that the method of administering hydrogen molecules, either by inhalation of hydrogen gas or by drinking hydrogen water, has the potential to be a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-apoptotic in cells, tissues and organs, " said Leonard.

In addition, Leonard added, Indonesia's hydrogen inhalation therapy can now be easily obtained.

"We designed a gas and portable hydrogen inhalation product. Hydro-Gen Fontaine PEM & Inhaler is the first portable hydrogen inhalation product in Indonesia that provides the benefits of inhaling hydrogen gas. We are currently hoping that the bad air phenomenon the benefits of it are felt directly, especially in helping the ISPA issue, "concluded Leonardo.

Source: Investor Daily

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