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The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has a high-end screen, that's proof


Jakarta – Obviously, a number of Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ recordings have been recorded in terms of displays. So at least refer to the DisplayMate test results.

self-determination GSM Arena, before this Samsung Galaxy S10 also broke a dozen DisplayMate records. It is now the turn of the Galaxy Note 10+'s dynamic AMOLED display to coincide or break "12 display entries due to improved performance".

The Galaxy Note 10+ screen is called a cut-in new entry for color accuracy, contrast and intensity scale. "Automatic color management ensures that the appropriate color profile is used when displaying content so that users do not worry about display mode." The brightness of the Galaxy Note 10+ can also be appreciated. Activation of the high brightness mode on the white screen reached 778 rifles, beating the Note 9 screen by 10 percent. Its maximum brightness, 1 308 rivets, is also a separate entry.
Here are 12 display indicators that have been leveled or broken by Galaxy Note 10+, which also receives an A + rating from DisplayMate:

– Highest absolute color accuracy (0.4 JNCD) – visually indistinguishable from perfect
– Highest image contrast accuracy and intensity scale accuracy (2.17 gamma) – visually indistinguishable from perfect
– The smallest shift in the scale of accuracy and color intensity with APL image content (0.8 JNCD) – visually indistinguishable from perfect
– Minimal shift in contrast and scale of image intensity with APL content of image (0.03 gamma) – visually different from perfect
– Change in peak brightness with average APL content (6 percent)
– Highest full screen brightness for OLED smartphones (793 nits at 100% APL)
– Highest brightness on the top display (1,308 nits for low APL)
– Largest Native Color Gamut (113% DCI-P3 & 142% sRGB / Rec.709)
– Lowest screen reflection (4.3%)
– Highest contrast ratio in atmospheric light (184 for 100% APL and 304 for peak brightness)
– Minimum change in brightness with angle of view (24 percent at 30 degrees)
– The highest visible screen resolution 3K (3040×1440) – 4K doesn't appear visually sharper on a smartphone

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