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The TNI commander lists the potential threats to candidates for the new capital


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – TNI commander Marshal Hadi Thajanto said he was calculating potential threats in the region future capital the new country replaces Jakarta's DKI. President Joko Vidodo (Jokovi) has said the national capital will be relocated to the Kalimantan island region.

"This is still under discussion, isn't it? But if overall, what is clear from the threat factor we are seeing is counting threats from west, east, south," said Hadi, after attending a limited meeting of the moving capital in Jakarta Presidential Palace Complex, Tuesday (6/8).

However, the four-star general did not answer the question of security in Borneo. Hadi said he was still waiting for the security of the location of the new capital, which the government would create in the near future.

"It is clear that Bapenas has seen Kalimantan. Now Kalimantan, who will be elected Kalimantan," he said.

Previously, Jokovi had guaranteed that the national capital would be relocated to an area on Borneo Island. He said he was still awaiting the results of a study by the National Development Planning Agency (Bappenas) to decide which province in Kalimantan would become a national capital.

"It is increasingly narrowed down and the choice is also clear that the national capital will be relocated to Kalimantan, Kalimantan, where the province is, which needs to be described again," said Jokowi.

Jokou said Bapenas, along with the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing, were also tracking the selection of provinces that were considered potential, such as Central Kalimantan, East Kalimantan and Southern Kalimantan.

He also requested that studies related to disasters, the carrying capacity of the environment, economy, demography, social policy and defense security be completed and detailed again.

In addition, Jokowi asked its employees to prepare financing schemes for the transfer of capital, both from the state and outside the state budget. He also ordered it to have an institutional design, given the power in the plan to move national capital.
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