Tuesday , August 16 2022

The witness has not received in hell, but in the corner of Monas


JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – Judge of the Constitutional Court Arif Hidajat was not bored to remind the witnesses present at the legislative election in 2019 to give accurate information.

This includes the trial against the legislative election result with the Nasdemdem candidate for the Indonesian Chamber of Representatives in the Aceh constituency, which took place in the Constitutional Court on Wednesday (24/7/2019).

Initially, a witness presented by Nasdem named Taf Haikal was summoned to give a statement during the trial.

Then Arif asked Haikal about the performance of the Pileg meeting in Aceh province.

– When is the recapitulation in Aceh? Arif asked.

"About April, Your Majesty," Haikal replied.

Then Judge Arieff asked again: "When does the date begin?"

"I do not remember," said Haikil.

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Hearing Haikal's answer, Arif reminded the other witnesses to give real information. If he gives false information, the witness threatens with criminal sanctions.

"For all witnesses. Whether you are here or in VOCON (video teleconferencing), you all have sworn to give real information. – said Arif.

"Because that oath is, if it is found that the false oath is a false oath, then there is a risk. He can be convicted, "he continued.

Arif added that the information given by the witness would be reported to God.

He jokes, witnesses who have given false statements will not be accepted in heaven or hell.

"So there is one person who goes to heaven, one goes to hell. If the oath is a lie, hell will not accept it. She is in these monks, "said Ariff, and laughed.

The entire courtroom also laughed at the jokes of the judge.

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