Wednesday , June 7 2023

This is the beginning of the attack on the Nobar PSM-Persia Cafe in Tibet


The commander of a coffee shop in Tebet, South Jakarta, was attacked by a group of people as they watched together the (Nobar) final of the Indonesian PSM Cup against Persia. South Jakarta Police Chief Assoc. Indra Jafar said the attack started when passing supporters threw out a cafe.

"When the match was over and one of the PSM winners inside had dances and there were supporters of Persia who were passing, apparently throwing," said Indra at the venue, Jalan KH Abdullah Syafei, Tebet, Tuesday (6/8/2019).

According to Indra, a PSM supporter at the Commander's Café was not reported to police. However, police confirmed that Indra had tried to prevent the attack.

"The police tried to dispel because there were immediately some of the whole cast. As seen on social media," Indra said.

To break the unrest, police fired tear gas. "We then appealed to go back inside and there was a toss, but residents also tried to help the staff so that the situation was favorable," he concluded.

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