Wednesday , February 1 2023

This is the difference between normal chest pain and heartache


INILAH, Jakarta – Often when we feel pain around our breasts, we immediately think and worry whether the pain is a sign of illness or a heart attack.

Indeed, one of the symptoms of heart problems is chest pain, but not all pain is caused by the disease.

It may be pain due to the influence of the body experiencing stress or the nerves that respond around the skin in the breast area.

"Pain in the heart with what is not, we can distinguish it in a simple way. If the pain is the same as the symptoms of heart disease, then consult yourself immediately," said Pertamina Hospital Hengkie Heart and Blood Specialist F Lasanudin, Jakarta, Thursday.

When a person has a heart attack, the chest pain that is felt will spread to the chest area and parts of the body around the left breast.

"So if the pain can be localized from the tip of the fingers, then the pain is on the skin wall of the chest, not the heart," he said.

Then the pain felt by the patient does not last very short or long, even for days, such pain does not originate in the heart.

The painful symptoms of a heart disease will also be felt when the patient is in heavy activity, the more work is done, the more pain is felt in the heart.

"For example, if we climb a ladder, the harder the work, the more visible the heart lacks oxygen, the more it hurts, and if we rest, it is lost," said Henkey.

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