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This is the price list for exploring Labuan Badjo with the help of the ship "Pellen"


LABUAN BAJO, – PT Pelni (Persero) launches Pelita Arunika Pinisi, which is dedicated to serving tourists in Labuan Baghgo, Eastern Nusa Tengara (NTT).

Within the promotion, Pelni offers a fairly affordable price for tourists who want to experience the feeling of staying while exploring the exotic islands of Labuan Bajo.

For a full day package, Pelni offers rates starting at 950,000 Rp per person. With this price, tourists can sail to Comodo Island, Padar Island, Pink Beach and snorkeling.

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Meanwhile for tourist packages 2 days 1 night, tourists have to pay only 2.6 million Rp / person. With these rates, tourists can now sail to the Angel Island, Comodo Island, Rincong Kalong Island, and snorkeling.

For tourist packages 3 days 2 nights, tourists have to pay only 4.1 million / person. With these costs, travelers can now visit the island of Kelor, the island of Rinka, the island of Kallong Rinka, the island of Padar, the island of Comodo, the Rose Beach, Gilli Laba, Manta Poin, Pulau Sembilan, Canava Island and snorkeling.

Fees paid by tourists include food, tourist tickets, tourist insurance and snorkeling equipment.

"Our prices are very cheap, this is a promotion so the market sees pinnacle ships as well," said PT Pelita Indonesia Djaja Corporation (PIDC) Efendi in Labuan Bagjo, MTT, Tuesday (23.07.2019).

The ship, which was opened on July 23, 2019, has five bedrooms with air conditioning, bathrooms, terraces and sun loungers.

The lounge has TV facilities, sound systems and lots of places. With these facilities, tourists can karaoke to meetings at that place.

Not only that, the ship is also equipped with equipment snorkeldiving and fishing tools. Including instructors to support sea tourism activities, enjoy the beauty of the underwater world.

The ship's design was a little artistic. All ship ornaments, from the floor, table to chair, made of wood.

The ship produced by Buculumba, South Sulawesi, was also thought to have minimal shock when it struck the ocean waves. So, tourists are not worried about the feeling of nausea when on board.

This ship is 27.67 meters long and has a width of 6.10 meters. The maximum speed is 7 knots.

"This service is market-related, this ship has a satellite, we cooperate with Telkom, and in terms of safety, that's the added value of our Pinions ship," said Efendi.

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