Tuesday , September 28 2021

This is the role of PNS Makassar City Government in the CPNS Jockey Case

TRIBUNTIMUR.COM, MAKASSAR – Andi Slamet alias Memet (30), a cooperative employee at the Makassar City Government office, was secured by the police because he was allegedly involved in the CPNS jockey case at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Kemenhumham) of the Republic of Indonesia.

Memet was secured with another person, Muhammad Rusman (31), who is a Biringkanaya citizen entrepreneur, Makassar.

This was revealed by the Head of South Sulawesi Regional Police Public Relations, Pol. Comr. Dicky Sondani accompanied by Visible Reskrim Polrestabes Makassar, Commissioner Wirdhanto Hadicaksono, during a press conference at the Mapolrestabes Makassar, Jl Ahmad Yani, Makassar, Thursday (11/08/2018) afternoon

"Yesterday we arrested six people, the last time we arrested two more people. On behalf of Muhammad Rusman (33) a private job from the Biringkanaya people, then the second Andi Slamet alias Memet a civil servant in Makassar, he was in the cooperative," said Dicky Sondani .

Both were secured because they were allegedly involved in document falsification cases or making false identities so that the jockey could enter the CPNS test room.

Andi Slamet when asked by Dicky Sondani, revealed that he was acting as an intermediary between CPNS test takers and jockeys.

"I am the intermediary for making ID cards (fake identities). ID cards are made by Hendrawan, a private company," Andi Slamet said, answering Dicky's question.

However, he admitted that he did not know much about how to make a KTP like Hendrawan's.

"I don't know how (to make a KTP), I just took it from him (Hendrawan) and then I handed it to Andi Widi (the jockey who had previously been arrested)," Memet said.

Meanwhile, Muhammad Rusman, who was also arrested in the case, claimed to have done the same thing twice by acting as a broker and CPNS test participant.

"Last year, too, but the participants did not qualify," said Muhammad Rusman.

If the test takers who were assisted in the case of the jockey escaped, both of them claimed to receive a compensation of Rp. 75 million which was then divided into three, brokers, intermediaries and jockeys.

In the arrest, the police also secured a number of documents, ID cards, test cards and print out tools or printers.

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