Wednesday , September 28 2022

This woman can orgasm while driving or listening to music


VIVA "For many women orgasm during sex is difficult to achieve. Various methods are used to achieve this satisfaction. However, this woman claims she is so easy to orgasm, even difficult to control her.

The woman, known as Maria, has a persistent genital arousal (PGAD) caused by nerve damage between the vagina and the anus. He suffers from uncontrolled orgasms that can be caused by escalators, music, and even driving.

The rare condition that puzzled doctors even made the mother of three children experience orgasm during Shania Twain's concert. He said, however, that people with similar conditions are not strange people.

Speaking of PGAD, the East Dunbartonshire widows say that women who suffer from this condition should know they are not strange people.

"People do not have to go through it and be ridiculed, they are not funny, it has ruined marriage, some women often end their lives," he said. A daily star.

Maria admitted having suffered from this disorder after a routine gynecological examination at Stobhill Hospital in Glasgow in September 2017 when the consultant "broke" the internal speculation used to investigate her intimate area. The next month begins to experience sad symptoms for the first time, which are later diagnosed as PGAD.

Maria itself did not know what was happening to her. All he knew was that he had a high sexual desire, but he did not know why.

"I felt like I was sitting in an ants nest for a moment, and there were times when she was tickling all day, but then something triggered it and it was a full orgasm," he said.

Even activities such as hoist driving, airplane turbulence, escalators, vibrational violin, and music concerts also often make an orgasm. He felt his life broken for that.

"I have to give up voluntarily, because only the move can turn it off." One of my friends told me I would become a hermit.

The NHS Health Council Greater Glasgow and Clyde denied Maria's claim that the damage was caused by a spot test. The board refused to take him abroad for treatment and sent to London where there are specialists who could overcome his health problems.

"We did different ways, but we still can not get rid of the symptoms. That's why we suggested that we direct them to specialist consultants in London, "a spokesman said.

Meanwhile, the leader of the Liberal Democratic Party who is interested in this, Joe Svinson, said this was disappointing because the Health Council took a long time to admit they could not offer effective treatment.

"However, I am pleased to see that everything moves in a positive direction and I hope this will help to establish a successful treatment plan for Mary."

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