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Threatened tactics deal with capital pollution


Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Governor of DKI Jakarta Ani Basvedan launch Governor's Instruction Issue 66 of 2019 on Air Quality Control to Respond to Jakarta Air Quality, which is deteriorating. However, most of Ingub's content is referred to only as repetitions of previous policies that do not work effectively.

In Ingub there are seven points requested by Annie. The first point is to limit the age of public vehicles in Jakarta to a maximum of 10 years. In addition, Ani ordered Cadiz Perhubungan to accelerate the upgrade of 10 047 small buses to Yak Lingko.

Another time, the former Minister of Education and Culture asked Cadiz Perhubungan to make and tighten rules on public and private vehicle emissions tests. Annie's instructions are outdated because they were issued by a previous governor.

In the era of Jack Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, the Ahok alias already had Regional Transport Regulation No 5 of 2014. In Article 51 (1) to (4), the regional regulation provides that no public vehicle over the age of 10 is allowed to cross the streets of Jakarta. Ahok tolerates 1.5 years for operators to rejuvenate.

Then, in Article 55 and Article 56, motor vehicles wishing to hang in Jakarta must also carry a test letter in order to pass fuel emissions. The regulation also requires motorists to test vehicle emissions at least twice a year.

Meanwhile, at another point, Ani ordered Cadiz Perhubungan to prepare the governor's office for even expansion and parking tariffs. Then he also asked for a draft regional regulation price congestionIn addition to even the odd expansion, Anies launched these policies. As for parking fees, he has stated it since the end of 2018.

Initially, Anis said it would raise parking fees at DKI in early 2019. However, only DKI PNS parking fees for IRTI parking are increasing. Because Annie abolished government parking grants.

for price congestion or congestion charges based on traffic congestion were announced by Jack Jakarta, even when Joko Vidodo was the manager of the Jakarta Jakarta. Jakarta residents know more about the term electronic road pricing (ERP).

After being delayed due to problems in the auction process, the Jakarta Jakarta Government continued its twenty-day trial in March 2019. This technology was installed in front of the Ministry of Tourism building.

In addition, in the next three points Anies instructs on the control of stationary pollutants such as coal-fired power plants, diversion to renewable energy and the implementation of green building models. The green building instructions are also covered in Pergub Issue 38 of 2012.

Trisakti University public policy expert Trubus Rahadiansyah has appreciated Anies' move to make Ingub after a serious spotlight on public air pollution in Jakarta. However, Trump thought that Annie was less serious in response to Jakarta's pollution. Because many things have been arranged in the period of the previous governor, but again they want to make new rules.

"This has become an international spotlight, not just a national spotlight, as the pollution level is the highest. This is a big problem. It seems that lip service only," Trub said when contacted. CNNIndonesia.comOn Friday (2/8).

The form of the introduction policy has been evaluated by Tubus as too small to address the issue of air pollution. As the inhibub connects only to the ranks of the DKI Provincial Government, this question inevitably calls into question public participation.

"This will be a problem. The Council (DPRD) will inevitably have to go through a regional regulation because the incubation is not effective involving public participation, such as the Tanah Abang agreement. That means we have to wait for the new DPRK," he said.

Threatened tactics deal with capital pollutionAir pollution in Jakarta. (REUTERS / Willy Kurniawan)

Energy and Urban Campaign Manager Walhi Dwi Sawung said Anis is too committed to rules that have long been settled. While Wally believes that Annie needs to act quickly.

Especially points related to motor vehicles. Although motor vehicles account for 40 percent of Jakarta's air pollution, according to Wahley.

"He has not dared, for example, this (air quality) is still bad in the last few days, he dares not do it, next Monday even widens strangely? If he does it correctly, then seriously. If not, yes," tiger "because there is no time limit," said Saung when contacted CNNIndonesia.comOn Friday (2/8).

However, Sawung appreciates a few points in Anies policy. For example, widening the sidewalk to help reduce private vehicles.

He also appreciated Anies' move to tighten the permit for the coal-fired power plant. Especially the obligation to test the quality standards every six months, when the Ministry of Environment and Forests can only review the PLTU quality standards every five years.

But Saung warned Annie not to follow in the footsteps of the central government, which issued quality standards but were not transparent.

"What has to be kept in mind is the disclosure of information. We know it breaks or not. This is the hardest thing right now, which factories, which industries have reported or not," Saung said.
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