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Thursday, cheap airfare prices down


JAKARTA, – Reduce the price of cheap airfares low-cost carrier (LCC) enters into force on Thursday (07/11/2019) at 00.01 WIB.

LCC airlines are required to apply rates that are 50% lower than the TBAs that were set on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday for flight hours from 10:00 to 14:00 local time.

However, the discount only applies to 30% of the total number of seats available in one aircraft.

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"So tomorrow the special tariff will be 50 percent tomorrow," said the secretary of the economic affairs ministry Susivision in his cabinet, Jakarta, on Wednesday (07/10/2019).

The low-cost airlines that the government wants to reduce the cost of airline tickets are Citilink and Lion Air. While AirAsia Indonesia was not asked by the government to cut the ticket. This is because the AirAsia tariff is now below 50% TBA.

Susi added, the fall in ticket prices applies to all flights at all airports in Indonesia at a predetermined time.

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