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Together with Andre Toulani, Putra Nunung and the Wife visit the regional police station of Jia Metro


JAKARTA, – Putra Nungung, Bagus Permadi again visited Polda Metro Jaya, South Jakarta on Tuesday (23 July 2015).

Bagus arrived with his wife and child and lead Andre Tawlani at 11:14 WIB. Andre is a Nunung associate in the program This is a current show,

There was no word from Bagus's mouth. He immediately headed for the Narrow Drugs building.

"You want to visit Nanung first, do not carry anything," Andre said.

Previously, a member of Srimulat, namely Polo, Tarzan San Tessy arrived at Jaya Metropolitan Police Station.

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Nunung with her husband, July Jan Sambiran, was arrested by the Drug Directorate in Metro Jaya Police for suspected drug abuse at his home in Tebet, South Jakarta on Friday (July 19, 2009) at 1:15 PM WIB.

During the search, police provided evidence in the form of a 0.36-gram sabu clip. The results of the urine tests show that Nunung and her husband were positive for drug use.

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Nunung claims to have taken drugs 20 years ago. After undergoing rehabilitation, Nunung manages to stop until he finally returns to drug use in March 2019.

Nunung and her husband are accused of Article 114 (2), Additional Article 112 (2), Article 132 (1) of the Law of the Republic of Indonesia, No 35 or 29 on Drugs.

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