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Verrel's Sister of Narcotics, Vienna Melinda Mueck


Jakarta – Oblique news hits Verrel Bramasta's family. Verrel Atala's younger brother Naftal was suddenly drugged. But this is just a joke that Verrell made.

Verrell apparently planned to work on his mother, Ven Melinda, who was born.

Initially, there were several officers who came to Vienna's house. Officers selected Atala for alleged drug use.

In a video Verrell made on YouTube, there was an Atala colleague named Michael.

The altercation began when Michael claimed to have received "merchandise" from Atal. Then Verrell denied it.

It's atala (Top left) Atala is drugged, but it's just a joke Photo: Doc. Instagram / aisyahaqilahh

Mrs. Verrell and Atala reacted. Still trying to calm down, Vienna is still trying to protect Atal.

Knowing that his second son was in difficulty, Vienna then tried to contact his ex-husband, Ivan Fadila.

But before things got worse, a number of undercover actors became security guards. Vienna's birthday song was playing.

Surprised, Vienna shed tears. "Mom hurts heart, it's really slow," said Vienna.

Sister Verrell & # 39; Narrated & # 39; Narcotics, Venna Melinda Didek

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