Tuesday , August 16 2022

Watch for aftershocks, remember to put a spoon in a glass before bed: a legal lifestyle


Earlier this evening, Friday (2/8/2019), the Sumu region, Banten, reported an earthquake measuring 7.4. The tremor was even felt in Central Jakarta.

The incident has certainly caused concern for people living in the Greater Jakarta area and Lampung province. Not without reason, the earthquake vibrations feel quite strong and last for quite a while.

Following the incident, many social messages are now circulating on social media such as WhatsApp. As a message that has just been received okezone,

earthquake information

Content discussed for tips for aftershock prevention.

"Like aftershocks, night tar, a spoonful of taro in a glass, yes, …

So even if we sleep soundly, we can understand whether there is an earthquake from the sound of the spoon.

In Japan and in Lombok they have also said so.

Please do not forget to pray, boys. " write the message.

The message also provides information on the types of vibrations caused during an earthquake. This is very important if your position is in a multi-storey building.

"The Japanese taught me that if an earthquake shakes left – right, swinging, it can descend quietly or no need to go down. But if the shake is up and down, stepping or slamming down immediately, it destroys," write the message. (Hel)

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